Workshop Tertiary Education Quality Standards Agency Conference 2019

Academic Governance Issues Related to Admission Standards of Overseas Students (#37)

Hilary Winchester 1 , Mark Douglas 1
  1. Hilary Winchester PL, North Adelaide, SA, Australia

Keywords: Academic Governance, Admission Standards, Higher Education Standards Framework; Academic Risk; oversight; English language proficiency.

Material to be covered:

A fictitious but realistic case study will examine a College showing:

  • significant growth in student numbers particularly in its metropolitan campuses;
  • a relative growth in overseas students compared to domestic students;
  • a decline in student satisfaction;
  • increasing instances of academic misconduct;
  • staff concerns over workload;
  • limited support for students experiencing difficulties with their academic studies or with English language proficiency.  

Participants will consider the relevant academic risks to compliance with the standards from the Higher Education Standards Framework.  Examples of exercises will include evaluation of appropriate oversight mechanisms, monitoring, reporting and improvement. What should be the role of the Academic Board in such as scenario? Which elements of the scenario are the province of management and which of governance?  What reports should the Academic Board ask for? What mechanisms are at its disposal for effective oversight and improvement? Which other bodies or stakeholders need to be involved?

Participants will be involved in discussion and group work to better understand the role of academic governance in a complex and high-risk education environment.