Individual Presentation Tertiary Education Quality Standards Agency Conference 2019

Maximising Engagement with Stakeholders during Policy Reviews (#9)

Candice Menidis 1 , Janet Hubner 1 , John Page 1 , Madeleine Soederberg 1 , Jacqui Andrews 1
  1. Monash University, Clayton, VICTORIA, Australia

During 2018, Monash University developed a new policy framework to better align policies, develop a consistent practice among faculties, incorporate offshore teaching locations and improve the student experience. The education policy project team has been responsible for implementing the policy framework across all education policies, consolidating 86 university policies and procedures and 195 faculty policies and procedures into 10 University policies and associated procedures.

To ensure effective uptake of the new policies, the project team has planned and is undertaking extensive and robust engagement with institutional stakeholders throughout the policy review, drafting and approval process.

This included project roadshows to communicate the scope and timelines of the policy review and calling for stakeholder nominees to receive drafts, share with relevant colleagues and consolidate feedback on the draft documents.

Throughout the drafting and consultation process, we engaged specialist working groups, review panels and faculty and stakeholder nominees – involving over 200 staff across all ten faculties, central business units, offshore campuses and student organisations.

Significant effort was also invested in an ongoing communications strategy. These communication and consultation tools have enabled stakeholders to have visibility of the overall process, and understand how their views are being incorporated. The success of the approach is evidenced by the range and quality of stakeholder contributions to the drafting process, the timely progress of policies from initial draft to final approval and positive feedback about the process from stakeholders at all levels. 

This presentation will provide insight into the extensive and robust engagement with institutional stakeholders throughout the project initiation, review, drafting and approval process and showcase best practice examples.