Lightning Talk Tertiary Education Quality Standards Agency Conference 2019

Student as Partners: Co-Creating The VU Way (#4)

Naomi Dempsey 1
  1. Victoria University, Footscray, VIC, Australia

Students as Partners creates space for students and staff (academic or professional) to work together on teaching, learning, curriculum, and governance. As a way of thinking, students as partners shifts the educational paradigm of learning and teaching as something staff do to students to education as a shared endeavour done with students. Increasingly adopted around the globe, students as partners has led to the transformation of practices and an array of positive outcomes for both students and staff. (E. Enright, K.E. Matthews, S. Russell, C. Sherwood, 2018 National Students as Partners Roundtable)

Victoria University (VU) can truly state that it is a unique as an educational provider in Australia. Currently a ground-breaking approach to curriculum delivery is being rolled out via its Block Model. The diversity of the student cohort and the potential for impact is outstanding given its location and the footprint and the associated wide-ranging impact this reach implies. Given the leadership role VU is currently holding in the Australian sector, the Students as Success Partners project is another opportunity to demonstrate the innovative, ethical and respectful relationships the University values and is prepared to advance and institutionalise with its students.

This lightning talk will showcase VU’s latest Students as “Success” Partners project that is realising the potential of staff and student partnerships. The VU Way is the guiding foundation for this project that has already developed The VU Student Experience in partnership with students as a major outcome. Other success outcomes will be showcased to demonstrate the benefits of engaging with students to enhance the provision of services, curriculum design and student life.

  1. E. Enright, K.E. Matthews, S. Russell, C. Sherwood, 2018 National Students as Partners Roundtable