Lightning Talk Tertiary Education Quality Standards Agency Conference 2019

The Trends Impacting Universities Today and the Role for Collaboration (#31)

Simon Nelson 1 , Monty King 1
  1. FutureLearn, London, ENGLAND, United Kingdom

The international education sector is going through significant change. Student attitudes and expectations are changing as digital technology advances. The workforce of today is different to that of just a generation ago and the workforce of tomorrow will be different again. The world is experiencing huge societal and political changes resulting in the displacement of people. No one sector can overcome these challenges but the education sector is well-placed to collaborate with others to make a real impact. In this session, Simon Nelson, CEO at FutureLearn, the leading social learning platform, can outline case studies of best practices in collaboration including: 

The Institute of Coding (IoC) is a consortium of universities, employers and outreach organisations, with a mission to develop the next generation of digital talent at degree level and above. And the National Centre for Computing Education (NCCE) will deliver on the Government’s mission to ensure every child in every school in England has access to a world-leading computing education. FutureLearn has also worked with other European MOOC platforms to launch a Common Microcredentials Framework (CMF) to create portable credentials for lifelong learners. All initiatives tackle the skills gaps of tomorrow. 

The PADILEIA initiative (The Partnership for Digital Learning and Increased Access), a partnership between King’s College London, Kiron Open Higher Education (Germany), Al al-Bayt University in Jordan and the American University of Beirut, Lebanon. FutureLearn is home to two english language courses aimed at refugees and displaced people in Jordan and Lebanon to help them learn basic english for everyday situations in order to gain transferable skills and/or help proceed into higher education. 

FutureLearn’s partnership approach also brought together Coventry (UK) and Deakin (AUS) universities to launch a co-developed online degree

If successful, we can reach out to partners involved in these projects to share the stage.