Individual Presentation Tertiary Education Quality Standards Agency Conference 2019

Quality and Qualifications Ireland (QQI): Analysis and Impact – Collaboration and Engagement (#26)

Padraig Walsh 1
  1. Quality and Qualifications Ireland (QQI), Dublin, Ireland

QQI published our 3rd strategic plan as QQI Statement of Strategy 2019-2021 – adding value to qualifications. The strategy consists of four priorities, two of which are ‘Collaboration and Engagement’ and ‘Analysis and Impact’. In our strategy, we aim (i) to support a high-quality education and training system through mutually beneficial strategic partnerships and (ii) to analyse and demonstrate the impact of measures taken to improve the quality of education and training for the benefit of learners.

This resonates so closely with the theme of this TEQSA conference on Partnerships Driving Quality with its emphasis on how providers can collaborate with industry, professional bodies and regulators to benefit students and Australian education.

Key actions under our strategic priorities include:

  • engaging with government departments, agencies, social partners and professional recognition bodies to contribute to co-ordinated policy in relation to skills requirements, regulations and associated occupational standards and qualifications
  • working with providers and awarding bodies to promote shared responsibility for a high—quality education and training system that stimulates transparency and improvement
  • ensuring our independent evaluations of providers and our research and analysis of provider-led evaluations are used to provide high-level advice to policymakers and funders on quality in the education and training system
  • providing guidance to and evaluating providers to stimulate and promote quality enhancement in education and training provision

To co-ordinate our work in this area, QQI established a separate Stakeholder Engagement and Communications Division reporting to the Chief Executive.