Candice Menidis Tertiary Education Quality Standards Agency Conference 2019

Candice Menidis

Candice Menidis is the Director Education Policy and Projects at Monash University. Candice oversees the team whose main focus over the last 18 months is the Education Policy Review Project. As part of the project, the team is actively reviewing all education policies across Monash along with key stakeholders, to support a new policy framework, to ensure a consistent student experience and to support quality learning and teaching and assessment practices. The team are part of the implementation and communication process of new policy changes and have commenced overseeing key functions such as student academic progress. In her previous role as Manager, Quality and Process Improvement at Monash College, Candice worked to introduced a new suite of education policies both at a Diploma level and at a College level. The team also worked to support the implementation of the procedures through the development of a broad range of resources for staff.

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